We offer a selection of facials to suit everyone’s skin type and lifestyles.
Face Mapping 10mins FREE
Microzone Mini Treatment Facial 25mins £25.00
The perfect facial for a quick fix to your skin. Rehydrate and treat your skin.
Cleanse, ReHydrate and treat your skin.
Great mini facial if you are short of time.
Deluxe Prescription Facial 60mins £50.00
This facial is totally designed to meet your needs. Each treatment includes professional double cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and steam, masque, tone and skin protection and a mini massage as an extra cost.
Teenage Clean Start Facial 20mins £20.00
The first steps to looking after your skin. This facial is perfect for teenagers who suffer with their skin. Dermalogica’s Clean Start range introduces you to skin care and is perfect for girls and boys aged 12 – 17.
Book a course of three and save 20%
We may choose from the following Dermalogica segmented lines to help create the ultimate skin results you strive for.
AGE Smart
Age Smart will give your skin a revitalising power boost to firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energise whilst controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing
This range is serious relief for sensitised skin that calms, sooths and replenishes the most aggravated irritated, inflamed skin
MediBac Clearing
Its the end of the line for adult acne with this powerful line of products that will jump-start acne clearing and help prevent acne well beyond the treatment.
Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treatment allows you to treat lines and wrinkles, dull de-hydrated skin as well as being an amazing breakthrough treatment for acne scarring and sun damaged skin.
Quick-fix Facial 40 Mins £40.00
Delux Facial 60 Mins £50.00
Back Treatment 60 Mins £50.00
Hydradermie2 75mins £60.00
Course of 6 facials £324.00
This unique innovation enables fast & deep penetration of ionised treatment ingredients,
resulting in exceptional effectiveness Seven different types of treatment depending on your beauty goals and skin type.
Hydradermie2 Age Logic 90mins £75.00
Course of 6 facials £405.00
A specially designed anti-aging Hydradermie2 facial concentrating on the eyes, face and neck. It includes cleansing, exfoliating, galvanic, high frequency, massage & mask.
Hydradermie2 Lift 55mins £60.00
Course of 6 facials £324.00
Hydradermie2 Lift brings revolutionary youthfulness & renewed tone by stimulating the facial muscles & providing a massage that lifts the facial features. In the same way that body muscles are “sculpted” at a gym, this treatment adds a spectacular “lift effect” to your face after just a few sessions... without injections! As muscles are toned, they take on new vitality & skin becomes amazingly smoother.
Hydradermie2 Lift Express 30mins £45.00
Course of 6 Treatments £243.00
Ideal for clients who want a quick treatment. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation & muscle stimulation.
Hydradermie2 Lift Yeux 35mins £50.00
Course of 6 Treatments £270.00
This treatment is designed to add new youth to your eye contour muscles around the eye. They will be “exercised” to tone the delicate eye area & add new firmness. From the end of the very first session, small wrinkles are erased & crow’s feet are smoothed.
Hydradermie2 Lift Deluxe 105mins £110.00
The ‘Ultimate Lift’ Treatment is made up with the Hydradermie² Age Logic and Hydradermie² Lift Express treatments together
Aromatic Facial 60mins £50.00
Course of 3 Facials £135.00
This facial uses natural sources to provide essential oils & plant concentrates bringing natural beauty to your skin. The unique, personalised treatment method combines the benefits of essential oils with massaging techniques to fill your skin with energy & provide a long-lasting effect.
Beauté Neuve 60mins £50.00
Course of 3 Facials £135.00
This double peeling facial treatment removes dull skin cells, letting the glow of new cells shine through. The fruit acids in Peel’In gel penetrate between dead cells to break their intracellular links, after which Peel’Out mousse will gently remove them. Clarimasque with pure Vitamin C regenerates the elastic fibres, enhancing a natural glow and lightening the skin.
Liftosome Facial 60mins £50.00
Course of 3 Facials £135.00
This treatment is dedicated to the firmness and youthfulness of the skin, due to the key active ingredient: pro collagen concentrate, as well as the modelling effect of the thermolift mask. Bringing the skin back to life & restoring radiance and vitality.
swedish MASSAGE
A massage combining various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading, and cross-fibre friction to break up muscle knots, called adhesions.
Back, Neck & Sholder 25mins £25.00
Half Body 40mins £35.00
Full Body 55mins £45.00
NAILS - Hands and Feet
Treat your hands and feet with any of the treatments below, polished off with a choice of over 80 colours.
Shape & Paint 15mins £10.00
Re Varnish 10mins £8.00
Full Manicure 30mins £25.00
The perfect nail treatment to tidy nails and cuticles and sooth hands and any polish of your choice
Deluxe Manicure 45mins £30.00
A complete treat for hands with all the grooming of a Full Manicure plus heated mittens and a soothing massage to hydrate your hands
Pedicure 45mins £30.00
Refresh your feet with a foot soak, scrub, dead skin removal, cuticle work, nail shaping and painting
Deluxe Pedicure 60mins £35.00
Indulge your feet with all the basics of a pedicure plus treat your feet to a luxury foot mask and massage.
Kids Polish (Ages 10 and under)   £5.00
Callus Peel   £20.00
This targets the removal of hard skin on your heals and can be added to any existing foot treatments.
Gel nails - bio sculpture - 60mins
The ideal gel overlay to protect and help you grow your natural nails. Can be applied to hands and feet, is instantly dry and available in over 40 colours. we vcan also supply you with the nail polish shade to match.
Colour   £30.00
French   £32.50
Glitter   £35.00
Studs &gems from   £2.50
Soak Off, Shape & Paint   £15.00
Repair   £3.00
WAXING - LYCON WAX Hot Wax Strip Wax
1/2 Leg - £17.00
3/4 Leg - £20.0 0
Full Leg - £25.00
Bikini £16.00 £12.00
Extended Bikini £20.00 £17.00
Brazilian £32.00 £28.00
Hollywood £35.00 £30.00
Under Arm £12.00 £9.00
Fore Arm - £12.50
Full Arm - £16.50
Chin or Upper Lip £10.00 £8.00
Chin & Lip £16.00 £12.00
Tanning - fake bake
Be bronzed any time of the year, with our spray tans.
Full Body Spray Tan   £20.00
1/2 Body   £12.50
Fake Bake 60 Minute   £30.00
Face and Neck   £5.00
HD Brows
Eyebrow artistry 30mins £25.00
Fast becoming the celebrity craze of the decade, HD Brows is an amazing treatment that lifts the eye and frames the face. HD Brows is a high-precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked brow into its perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Based on a combination of seven unique procedures, this isn't just shaping and tidying – this is eyebrow artistry! Suitable for men and women. Requires a patch test at least 24 hours before appointment.
Make Up
PLUS 10% OFF any purchase of make up products
on the day.
30mins £25.00
LVL Lashes
  45mins £55.00
This treatment will add length, volume, colour and lift to your natural lashes without using semi-permanent lash extensions or strip lashes. This is a low maintenance treatment and your new lash lift lasts for 4 - 6 weeks. There is no harsh perming techniques, no frizz and we use our gentle, innovative products to lift and straighten your natural eyelashes . The treatment is followed by atint to give your new luscious lashes depth and colour*
Eye treatments
Eye Brow Shape   £8.00
Eye Brown Tint*   £10.00
Eye Brow Shape & Tint* £14.00
Eye Brow £8.00
Eyebrow Tint and Shape £14.00
Upper Lip £8.00
Face /Neck £15.00
Eye Lash Tint   £15.00
Strip Lash Application   £9.00
Choose from ten different styles suitable for day/night
Eyelash Extentions    
Lash Perfect Individual Eyelash Extensions - Full Set 90 Mins £70.00
Half Set 60 Mins £45.00
Eyelash Infills 60 Mins £45.00
  30 Mins £25.00
These new individual lashes are to suit the look you desire. Russian Layering is to give full, high impact glamourous look with maximum natural looking volume.
Tahitian Feathering is to add volume to natural lashes whilst keeping them soft and delicate.
Full Set 120 mins £95.00
Infills 60 Mins  
*patch test required 24 hrs before